Дизайн небольшого участка

Diesine Of The Suburbs

Original idea of a garden landscape design

The construction of a landing area landscape should be approached from several points. In the first place, landscape design is based on a planning solution, separating the site into zones. Second, the selection of essential elements - the plants themselves, their species, size and location, as well as garden furniture and landscape lighting systems

Basic principles of landscape design

Landscape design has several important steps. It includes a study of the landing area, its soil and all its already existing plants. An important part of the work on the garden design project is the consolidation of the style of the building on the precinct and future garden style. Understanding all phases of the landscape design project, each of which is directly dependent on seasonality, is also important.

Whatever the size of the plot, garden design Main areas: the entrance area of the garden, the central, private area of recreation and alleys connecting all of these areas. One of the most recent trends has been the establishment of decoration gardens in the garden. Such gardens are given a small, most commonly hidden place where landlords can grow decorative and fertilized plants. Landscape design of garden includes the same work with separate materials - types and types of urination, garden furniture, landscape lighting.

Work arrangements and garden design

Any project always starts with planting planned trees and large handicrafts. Sadovo park design suggests plant height signs that are pre-designed in the dendroplan. In the first place, dormitory plants are planted and then foxy. It should be borne in mind that the garden must remain attractive and winter, so that two types of plants, eternal and persistent decoration, such as rags, must play a special role in any garden. The location of these plants should be well examined. Gases and all the flowermen, without exception, are planted after that. The next step in the forming process design of garden roads and lighting. Thus, the risk of damage to these tracks is reduced to zero.

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