Ремонт второго этажа на даче

Upgrading Of The Second Floor

The house is acquired not only for gardening, but also as temporary accommodation and rest on weekends. The second floor of the old house usually includes a rest room, a bedroom. And in order to make his family comfortable in the premises, it should be thought of what the internal situation would look like.

What to choose a design for the second floor on the day.

You can have a baby, a guest, a billiard. You can choose any style, but you don't need to redirect the furniture.

In order to meet modern trends, ideas must be developed by a professional who has long experience in this field. The plan takes into account the owner ' s views and preferences.

Two floors can be developed in different styles:

  • The country is usually used for wood and is subdivided into French, old-fashioned and American. Every direction has a difference in furniture. Diesin of the Day House performed by natural materials, the space is decimated by frivolous rollers, skilled
  • The retro means the use of fabric stores, old-fashioned dishes, flying furniture. You can also add an interior to an old piano, clock or self-war.
  • Classics include different options - French, English, German. The main feature is wealth and luxury, expensive paintings, antique elements, drama, heavy curtains. The tone is deep shades, saturated.

Of course, every owner has the right to decide on his own how to set up a country house and what its design will be based on financial opportunities.

Diaziner Project - what is its creation

The Master, when he meets the client, finds out all the information about how the second floor of the Daci is going to look. It is also important to indicate the composition of the family, the hobby of each of them, how the internal situation will be.

The dyssaneer is making a technical mission, and it is working on ways of fixing the furniture, equipment. There's a 3D visualization through which you can see the 2nd floor of the building.

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