Холодильник для Каравана

Repair Of Trailer

You'll find out in this group and on Master Camper ' s website www.

This group is for you:
- travelers, but self-organized
- resting, but not in one place.
- working but not in the office.
- Friends, colleagues, lovers, married, with children and without, students, pensioners and entrepreneurs.

g. Saint Petersburg: 8 (812) 385 75 09

g. Moscow: 8 (916) 291 19 44

g. Anapa: 8 (800) 775 60 05

Looking alive, touching, getting inside and assessing the comfort of the bedroom and the convenience of the kitchen, renting, booking or buying CARAVAN, ROADOM, TRICEP-DACHU, working DOM-FARGON, you can use our guest rooms at the addresses:

g. Pushkin: Ul Saper 69

g. Moscow: Friday schosse, d. Rusino

g. Anapa: Blagoskaya, Bugaz

The MasterCemper company:

Areas of activity: rental, sale, ransom of KARAVANOV, AVTDAĆ, TRACEPOV-DAHO, and repair, service, storage, management, investment and development of caravaning and camping in Russia.

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