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Diesin Of The Dark Station In The Map

сад своими рукамиPurchase of the show is a lot of new, interesting cotton. Today ' s life in large cities leads to a desire to have a cozy corner of nature or a source of healthy foods, which can be assured by 100 per cent of their composition and safety. Is it possible to combine both within a relatively small area? Of course, but this requires a proper planning of a long-distance site. Trying to slide this stage quickly is not worthwhile: errors made at the beginning will be much more difficult to rectify at late stages of work.

Create a cozy day section for each

планирование садаThe plot planning details are directly dependent on its characteristics. Is he a robot or a slope? Does it have water in spring? Is additional drainage required? What is acidity, wealth and other soil characteristics? How strong are the winds, and in which direction do they drive more often? Is the section well illuminated and how is it directed towards the light side? How many trees, what breed and what age?

как составить планAll these questions need to be answered before planning begins. Most characteristics can be studied independently using school knowledge or basic manuals. In some cases, specialist assistance may be required, for example, in the study of groundwater depth.

Despite the seemingly smallness, this is one of the most serious moments.элементы ландшафта It is because of the lack of attention to the stylices that the supposed place of paradise after all the work has been carried out that there is often a horrific clash of different parts. You don't have to dream about that. Moreover, if the style is planned in advance for each, only the design expert will be able to eliminate the consequences of errors. It's so much easier to do right at once. So there are a few basic style options for planning a long-distance site.

  • Geometric (regular). This style is based on the correct, geometrical location of the objects. The square, rectangle, circle, chess and repeat this element in different options can be used as a basis. The permanent feature of the regular style is straight paths. In addition, it is advisable that the symmetry be preserved, mirroring the landscape details of the chosen axis. As an example, the design could be used Photo section Palace gardens and parks like Versailles or Petergof.
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