ландшафт на даче

Landshaft Design For Delivery

ландшафтный дизайнAre you tired of creativity in a bad place? Do you know how to arrange space in such a way that it gives practical and aesthetic pleasure? The challenge is difficult, but it's solved.

Specialists from the Russian Park Land Upgrading Company are sharing useful self-reliance boards for small area.

We have been developing projects for many years and their follow-up in Moscow and Moscow oblasts, and we are happy to reveal some of our secrets in the organization of the landscape design of 15 juices.

If you're determined to make a change in the space of your site, the first step is to draw up a detailed landscape design project that will record all future changes and make all the details. Take a large piece of paper and draw a plan to indicate the location of all zones by their functionality: the recreational zone, the economic zone, the garden, the homeland and others.

A few images of the Territory from different angles can be pre-emptively made, such photos will help to re-examine some of the landscape features that have become common to the eye and invisible over time.

The next important point is to ensure that the planned work is carried out. Right organization of activities by hand We'll tell you now. Training of the Territory

Before you build something, you have to destroy something that can prevent us from creating a new one. Therefore, at the start of the garden landscape, we remove all the debris from the precinct, root unnecessary trees and handicrafts, fight weeds and level the soil.

If you don't want to break up with some trees and artisanal people, then at the stage of designing the garden landscape design, we're putting them in our plan. Either if the age of the plants permits, we move them to a more appropriate place, according to a previous project.

организация дорожек

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