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Handwriting Of The Site

In the city, with his intense pace of life and his car smash, there are fewer places to be in nature and enjoy fresh air. The salvation is a way to accommodate the children ' s site and a conversation for the gardens, the gardener or the fruit garden. It's very difficult to design the landscape design of a 10-strong stream with its own hands: photos and design boards will help create not only a functional space for rest, but also a real designer masterpiece.

The graphic design of the site creates a sense of cohabitation and harmony.

Create a landscape design of a given section 10 pounds with their hands: photos and ideas of best projects

The 10-strong area will be sufficient to build all the necessary structures, gardens and gardens with fruit trees, as well as to carry out its creative ideas for setting up a recreational zone.

Professional landscape designers start their work with the project. Follow their example. First of all, we need to draw up a pattern of a long-distance plot with all the structures and communications. Then define functional areas: for rest and economic needs (hospit, horticulture, garden). The size of the zones depends on the preferences and interests of the owners.

Planning is the most important stage in the development of the site ' s landscape design

The state of the soil, the tenancy and the terrain of the Territory are necessarily taken into account in planning the landscape design of the country house. The photos will show the best solutions for all elements.

The planning option depends on what functional purpose the owner defines the site. Consider the following variations:

  • It's only for rest. In this case, the whole territory is placed under the recreational zone. There's room for a bath and a garage under the car. A children ' s site and/or a pool can be built across the house. Interviews, pergolas, patio will be a place for food and rest in fresh air. It's better to place them behind the house or the side, keeping them from entering the living garden. In terms of design, the Territory makes it possible to build both an artificial pond and a multi-level alpine mountains and a fountain. It depends on the fantasy and financial capacity of the owners;
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