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How To Steal The Garden Section Of The Photo

(Фото 2).


It's hard to imagine a garden without a green wall. When they were created, it was difficult to avoid lean, especially in small areas, because they played a successful role, but there were very few places on the ground! " Up to the feet " of the absorbing or lazy plants are supported by special designs, arches and garden screens (braces, scaplers or straws). However, effective leans win only " in pairs " with beautiful and well-targeted supports - failure in design compromises even the most fabulous plant.

Where do I put it? It'll help distract the look from non-white beauty or dull places, for example from the garden (fo 1).

Arcas and garden screens serve not only to support lean, but also to separate the site into functional areas. Photo 2 shows the " curtain " from the girl's grapes and the Kuanye grapes as a visual separation from the house.(Фото 3). This living latitude always looks great, and in the fall, her beauty fights in the ground.

(Fotho 2). Photo: Tatiana Shikanyan

With the arock stem, a shift from one part of the garden to another can be arranged.

How? Axes must not only correspond to the home and the common idea of the garden, but also be physically and visually appropriate. I mean, an arc or screen for a large and heavy plant must have a fortress and salt, and a fine vegetation circumference requires a lung " stint " . In addition, consideration should be given to how lianas are attached to the support.

The size of the arches must be such that people can walk quietly and stand under it. Its minimum width is 1, 2-1, 5 m, height is at least 2, 1-2, 2 m.(Фото 4). In addition, the carrots must have a " thickness " of 50 cm and above, a side wall, which will in fact raise lianas. The shape of the archive may be as diverse as round, rectangular, triangular, etc.


These small architectural forms are also inspired by emerging plants. But unlike the previous group of support, the pergola is something like a transparent "weight" or a “tonnel”.

The pergol can divide the site into functional areas or, on the other hand, combine the elements of the garden into a whole. They disguise the inappropriate construction, steal the house and remove the cozy corners from the outside eye.

It's the pergola that creates a footwear in a young garden where trees have not grown. High verticals literally transform any flat plains.

Most gardens There are randomly scattered structures that are reasonably grouped. They can be merged with pergola. By all means, these small architectural forms create a special atmosphere in the garden.

(Фото 5). (Фото 6). (Фото 7). (Фото 8).

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