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The construction of any house begins with the foundation. Whether industrial construction or private house is involved, the reliability, strength and durability of the foundation always depend on the design characteristics. The types of foundations for a private house are very different, they vary by design type, material and other parameters.

The fundamental classification of the foundations takes into account their constructive characteristics. The most popular are the following types: ribbon, tetanus, swab and stove. Different combinations are also possible.

Lento foundation

Looking at the picture of the ribbon base makes it clear where it came from. This type of design is the landed ribbons, which take over the main load from the underlying components. The tapes, in turn, are based on the foundation plates. Thus, much of the load from the walls is allocated to the larger area.

There is no need to prepare for the ground in the construction of the ribbon, so it's good to build a building quickly. On the other hand, it does not have a heavy load, so one or two-stage houses are the best option for using the ribbon.

The depth of the ribbon is largely dependent on the materials from which it is performed, as well as the type of execution chosen in the construction. There are two main types of ribbon design:

The basement is built from the iron-blocks. For the assembly, you need specialized equipment, the units are produced at the factory.
Monolithic is manufactured immediately at the construction site (without an intermediate line as a factory).

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