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Landscape Design Outside The House

1. Production of construction materials

In small cities, labour is generally cheaper than in large cities. So any production-related business will be more profitable here. Moreover, in small cities, rent and utilities are cheaper and land and accommodation is much easier to obtain. Local administration is also more cohesive and easier to connect in the plain circles.

One of the most common and verified businesses in small cities is the production of construction materials. First of all, it's foams, slags, bricks, bricks (including legs), panes, trotuary stoves, brodures, iron concrete rings, etc. For landscape design It is possible to produce spray materials such as decorative cheek and decorative cheek.

There's a lot of options to do. Construction materials can be stored in the nearest major city, construction companies and private buyers.

2. Mini Pharmaceutical

The production of bread and bakeries is a business at all times, regardless of the size of the city. During the crisis, the consumption of bakeries has increased dramatically, so it is now time to open such businesses.

The opening of a mini-carni will be at least 700,000 p.m., provided that a business is organized in a ready, rented room. The most cost-effective option is the production of bakeries: sweet buns, croissants, pizzas, ears, sticks, crackers, etc. Unlike bread (primary of first necessity) the price of buns and croissants can reach 100 per cent or more.

3. Assensing machine

Small cities generally have a large number of private sectors where people use individual sewerage systems (large pits). The septic and pit pumping service is always relevant, regardless of the crisis. In many private homes, the sewerage system is not very well designed, so it's almost every two to three months. At an average cost of 1,200 p., more than 4,000 p. per year may be spent on sewerage.

Business start-up for assensing machines will require between 400,000 and 1,2 million p. That's how much the CO-503 GAS is worth. The price, as you understand, depends on the condition of the car. The 2013-2014 version is available for 700-900,000 p.

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