Мостики в ландшафтном дизайне

Long-Term Design With Your Hands

строительство туалета своими рукамиRecommendations for the selection of a toilet for delivery: with a pit or a replacement capacity. Desk management with drawings, sizes and descriptions of the main phases of the toilet Give me your hands.

In considering the construction of the suburbs, many are trying even to make unfamiliar functional and economic structures so that they can fit into the surrounding landscape harmoniously.

The tomb may well be even a cut-off.

Dry toilet design options

All street cleaners can be divided into two types, with a pit and a replacement capacity. The first type of construction involves the presence of a pit in the ground. Second-type cleaning containers are equipped with special waste collection containers filled with opium peat or special water solution.

Duty toilet with a pit

необычный туалет для дачиA traditional toilet with a pit. It's the cheapest and most affordable way for a street sanusle. The principle of its work is quite simple: the waste of life falls into the pit where the liquid part of which is partially absorbed into the ground and evaporated and the solid component accumulates. Assensing firms are used to clean up the burial tanks.

Scheme: Luft-Closette device

Luft Clausette. It is also equipped with a pit, but whose walls are completely sealed. The release of such a system shall be carried out only by pumping, using the toilet itself as a receiver.

Drawing: Pudre-Closette equipment

Pudre clausette.♪ Represents the construction of a postment with a chair. The non-purity storage capacity, which is located directly under the chair, is filled with a layer of peat with moisture properties.виды туалетов для дачи There's a stool with a bucket filled with an opily torphine mixture. In each of the bathrooms, fresh peat is poured into a waste tank. After filling the tank, it's taken to the compost. Through mobility and compact design, it can be installed both inside the dwelling and in a separate street cab.

Liquid biotalet

Chemical toilet. By type, it resembles puddle, unlike bio-toalete, recycling and leaching is carried out under chemical reagents. By using biobacteria-based liquids, life-saving waste can be transformed into a useful organic fertilizer using the root feed of plants.

Choice of construction site

строительство люфт-клозета своими руками пудр-клозет своими руками био-туалет для дачи место для строительства туалета

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