оформление приусадебного

Handwriting Of The Landing Area

Ландшафтный дизайн загородного участка своими рукамиThe countryside is always great. Especially when it's designed to rest with the soul and body, not an endless number of seedlings and an obsolescence. After buying the juice, if it's not your dream ready, you're facing the most important question: landscape design.

Of course, it's good to hire a specialist for this case, but it's much more interesting to figure it out, think about every detail, make a plan. So, if you have a good fantasy and you're ready for experiments, let's figure out how to create a landscape design on your own.

Where do we start?

First of all, you'll have to visualize some of your ideas, which are not one dozen in your head.Программы для визуализации ландшафтного участка If you can paint, you'll be a little easier, but you'd better use special programmes for that purpose. For example, Sierra Land Designer 3D or Realtime Landscaping Architect, in which you will find all the elements to create a suburb.

The only minus such programmes is that they are not Russian, which means it's hard to understand a man who doesn't know a language.

Программы для визуализации ландшафтного дизайна на участке

But there's a little lifhak. Install a Sims2 game on the computer (3, 4) and in any city, find an option to set up your own site. So you'll be much easier and clearer, and the game also contains all the design details that you might need to set up a site.

Colour decision

For design The rightly chosen color gamma is important, or the area won't look complete. Options include:
There will be only one color on your precinct, but many of its brighter and darker shades. One-ton gammas make it much easier to design the site " completed " , select planting plants, furniture and all possible jewelry like statues.

Программы для визуализации ландшафтного дизайна на загородном участке Программы по визуализации ландшафтного дизайна на участке Однотонный вариант цветовой гаммы на загородном участке Двухцветный вариант цветовой гаммы на загородном участке

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