Ландшафтный дизайн дачного

Diesin Of The Photo Gallery

Эскиз дандшафтного дизайна дачного участка фото № 3The long-distance area is generally designed to expand the recreational area and therefore requires a particularly careful approach to style and functionality. The correct combination of these two important elements in any project will be the key to the success and failure of the landscape designer.

Despite the fact that for the style the defining moment is the home itself located on the site, a qualified expert will be able to find bold and original solutions in the landscape design of the tract. The picture of such projects is presented in our gallery. Frequently, even one detail can completely alter the profile of the site and make it bright and irrepetitive.

Dandshaft Design Eskis

Esquis Dandshaft design of a long-distance photograph No. 3 but even the most incredible reception will not work if the designer forgets the main part of his job, creating an environment for life. And it's gonna take over the customer experiments. Beauty will certainly save the world. And everyone who sees the results of his work will be most admired. But it's not only that the owner of a long-distance plot is that he's in this fabulous appearance to live.

It is for this reason that an experienced professional cannot simply fulfil all the customer ' s wishes and hold him responsible for the result. His task, if necessary, is to reassure the client, find good arguments and insist on his decision. Especially when future problems are obvious to him.

фото № 2 пруд в дачном поселкеFunctionality of the landscape the design of a given section is not only defined by the convenience of the owner. There's no discussion that a person should be comfortable, safe, comfortable. But there are usually technical elements in the structure of the quality project of the site related to construction and water. They should take into account the challenges that will arise during their subsequent operation, maintenance and possible repair. Any designs are detected and, in a difficult climate, the medium lane is faster.

Prud in a good settlement. Photo No. 2

Creation of a pond in the landscape design of photo No. 2

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