красота на даче своими руками

Beauty On Hand

Magic properties of the vein
From a long time, there's a lot of veins to keep the good and well-being of the house:

The vein always puts a pen down, preserves well-being and protects demons;

• There is no retaliation for the threshold so that the money cannot be removed;
∙ No retaliation after sunset to prevent sickness;
• The vein cannot be crossed;
• The used vein cannot be hit by disease;
• The new vein beats fruit trees - to harvest;
• The new vein beat the children on the threshold to behave well;
• The new vein marked babies to sleep;
• A new vein to attract well-being is purchased by the growing Moon, and it is a wish for it;
:: Unmarried girls jumped through the vein nine times to attract fiancé;
• There can be no retaliation on one day by two veins;
♪ You can't have someone else snooping in your house, you lose your luck ♪
• The old vein cannot be burned and thrown out near the house;
∙ When moving to a new place, the vein is taken with it;
• No retaliation if any of the housewives on the road;
• If they wanted to get rid of an undesirable guest, the debris was thrown off the threshold between their legs;
• No revenge while the house is dead.

How to take good luck.

In the middle of the century, it was thought that tagging around someone else's courtyard was the theft of luck and good luck. And tonight, look at your neighbors. To take someone's luck with a vein, you don't have to be a magician and perform complex rituals. It's enough, during the cleaning of the site, to sweep under the door of the safe neighbors on their side, and to say, "You're lucky, I take your money for myself," and so on. Don't throw it in the trash can, but throw it in your trash can so he can sleep at your apartment. After sunset, they won't.

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