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How do you make your country home a dream place? And don't spend too much time and money.

1. Take Provans for guidance.

What's "prowans"? This is the style that came to us from South France, its name in translation from French is " province " . These are passive shades, colouring, natural materials, textiles, circus, old furniture and beds. A machine that associates with village cozy and alone.

It seems to us that the probe is perfect for any old house, even if it is built thousands of kilometres from the south of France (in general, anywhere in Russia). Therefore, keep five cozy details to transform the interrier into a provans style.

2. Vagon is practical and ecological.

The classic wooden car is a low-cost, long-term, solid, environmentally sound material, which is very often used to separate the day-to-day premises. It's easy to mount, it has good sound insulation, and it looks pretty.

If you realize that the walls of your house have become very dull, dirty, and look absolutely unattractive, you can sew them in a few days. In addition, manufacturers constantly invent new “configurations” of wagons: Eurowagon (wagon of the more expensive tree species), a United States-wagon (simulates the stacking of the caps), a haus block (simulates the barrel). Besides, you can sew a room or even a wall.

3. The old couch is better to cover the cheek or the big ice.

We understand very well that most of the furniture that ends in the city's apartment is being sent for good. And old couches and chairs keep their lives in the countryside.

Give me the soft furniture "second chance" and she'll serve you for at least 15 years. Order beautiful cheeks with original shame or buy a big ice that can completely close the couch. Put some bright pillows on them, and you'll see how you'll change. Day-to-day interface

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