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Юрий Андрос (крайний слева) за работой над масштабной (1:10) моделью Старта. Спасибо вам, маэстро, за красивый автомобиль!It's a little bit of a "Starta" note in Zalem magazine. Write about plans to automate the production of glassplastic bodies and indicate a mass of 320 kg. Clear seal, of course. The one got caught...

Of course, the chief of the Luganese Sownarhose understood that was a very different level of complexity. It's not engine repair or even trailer development. The car is a whole story. The project was therefore attracted by specialists from the Harkow Road Institute, including a series of HADI record vehicles, and by Yuri Andros's chief talent engineer.

The microbus was selected as a creativity, a wildly used de facto. I mean, this kind of car is a Soviet auto-industrial thing that hasn't been good for.

The design of the future beam was based on the chassis from the Wolgi GAS-21 (70-power 2, 4-litre ZMZ-21A, 3-stage mechanic, independent spring front and dependent resorption suspension) on which the glazing body was installed, reinforced by the consignment notes.

Yuri Andros, on the left, for work on a massive (1:10) Start model. Thank you, Maestro, for a beautiful car!

There's a big model. The radiator bar is slightly different from the serial version

Внимание, опасная картинка! Приступ жесткой ностальгии гарантирован.But the main thing is design! Look, it's from the big letter D, the term designer in Soviet times didn't officially exist, but Andras wants to be a great master. It's just because in the early '60s, he created perhaps the most futuristic microbus of planet Earth. Of course, in "Starta," for her first car, the North-Donese Autobza has chosen a very unsolved name, first of all the reasons for American design.

And the four-farm lighting system and the nasal design seem to be stuck with the drawings of the cute rearmost (!) Chevrolet Corvair Greenbrier, debutted in the 1960s. Well, Yuri Andros may have been familiar with the work of American colleagues, but the name "Start" is "Greenbriere" to hurt an artist.

Салон уставшего Старта. Здесь ностальгией не очень-то и пахнет Тест на внимательность. Найдите отличия между этим Стартом… Еще один усталый Старт…

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