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The Gardens With Their Hands

Выставка новогодних елокMoscow, December 24th. The tree is an intrinsic attribute of a new year's holiday. Without the congratulations of the President, the Champagne, the Mandarin and the Green Furious Beauty, it is impossible to imagine the launch of the New Year in Russia.

No one forgets about the tree, we bring a artificial or living tree into the house to steal it toys and girlands. At the very least, we steal the house with trees or base branches, so that part of the holiday stays with us as long as possible.

Meanwhile, spending on a tree isn't necessarily necessary - making a new one-year tree can literally be from everything you have at your house. Such a creative tree can steal not only your house or revive the strict atmosphere of the office. You can give it to friends or relatives without fear that your gift will not be original.

Выставка новогодних елокSo, and most importantly, to make a new year's tree. with your hands.?

As you can see, hand-operated eggs are made from... macaron, coffee shops, vat disks, napkins, candy and even cheek.

Having learned some of the secrets of making a new year's tree, we decided to share them with our readers.


You'll need a urine, a glue (inside the glue you can use scotch) and a cone. We're shaking the surface of the cone with glue and spiraling the mishur.

By the way, the silence could be any color, not necessarily green. There's a very bright and original tree at a minimum of cost and time. It's easy for a little kid to deal with such a tree, too, of course not without the help of his parents. If you don't have a piece of paper or a hard paper to make a cone, it's not a problem. Even an ordinary plastic bottle can be the foundation of the holiday tree.

Выставка новогодних елокMAKARON ELCA

First, we need to make a paper cone, which will serve as a basis for a new day's macaron tree. Then we take the most ordinary cosmic cuts and start spiraling them to paper.

The distances between the rows should be the same. When the spiral from the macaron is ready, we need to paint the wooden set in the golden paint. Now, a green michour in the area between the macaron rows, it's gonna be the tree branches. At the end, the tree can be painted with balls, rain, bananas, etc.


It's necessary to take any glass bottle. To cover the bottle's surface with glue and brush the plugs in such a way that there is no light left. It is then also necessary to prepare a base for a carton eel in the form of a cone. Smash her with the glue and turn her back on the wool.

Выставка новогодних елок Выставка новогодних елок Выставка новогодних елок Выставка новогодних елок
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