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Дизайн для садаThe time when people spent the whole weekend in the garden just to get a record number of vegetables and fruits has long passed. The modern man has become the mastermind of the country house and the original design of the site. Agree, it's a lot more pleasant to build interesting alpine mountains and break flowers, to rest in a chat with friends, and to cook a delicious shuffle on a mangall than toast and cucumbers.

Sadovo-park art at your precinct

In order to create a landscape design of the site, it is not necessary to know in perfecting the foundations of a garden-park art. We need to connect our own fantasy, assess the area that is available. It's possible to even look in magazines or the Internet at a garden design, a picture of which will reveal where and how to break flowers and build water.Дизайн сада The Landscape architect would be happy to help you with that. But on your own, you can solve all the questions, but you need to do it gradually, because the rush doesn't go well.

Not everyone knows that there are certain styles in the garden design, as in the interior design. These are some of them:

  • Japanese,
  • Mediterranean,
  • Country wall,
  • Minimumism,
  • Hy-tec,
  • Mixed style,
  • Paisage,
  • Pure and others.

Дизайн садаAccording to the plants you're planning to plant on the precinct, you can determine his style. For example, for the buckle, mints, fenhel, tmin, pharmacine and medicinal plants (romp, shaft and crandula) as well as aromatic and soulic grass (anice and Ehinacea) will be suitable. These plants will not only conquer the garden landscape, but it will also be a useful year round by managing family health.

The Japanese garden is difficult to create, although it's too much to pay for its unimaginable beauty and harmony. It can plant, for example, all known bonsais, and create artificial water bodies and rock gardens.

Villages - foliar, soft and fruit - are also part of landscape design. Some will create shadows and others fertilize, reminding themselves, during the winter season, by aromatic composers and sweets.

Дизайн сада Дизайн сада Дизайн сада Дизайн сада
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