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oczko-wodne-z-opony1Before you start your work, you will determine the location and type of artificial water. The best place is the lower part with sufficient sunlight during the day. It is desirable to start construction away from the large trees that pollute the water of the depressed leaf and disrupt the installation of hydrosulation. The shape of the pond depends on the wishes and fantasy of the owner of the house. Deep depth: 0, 5-1, 4 m.

Type classification of artificial water bodies

The shape and dimensions depend on you. Determine the type of pond:

  • Mini. A great part of landscape design;
  • the decorative pond. It is decorated by elements of decor and plants;
  • Water. Designated for fish breeding;
  • pool. Used for swimming.

Pay attention to the choice of a form of water, especially a mini-variant. It uses old baths, deep pelags and other solid durability products. The choice of the basis will determine the shape, size and depth. For the pond from the bathtub and the pelag, select 3-7 species of plants.

oczko21Interesting fact! It's easier to make round-the-circuit ponds. He'll fit to steal the garden and the courtyard of the country cottage. Use concrete rings to form them, ears from tree and shape from solid plastic. Car tyres are allowed.

A rectangular form of water is combined with the cloams of this form. That's the best solution for you. landscape design Inside. The use of wrong forms, curved lines and exotic plants is an option for creative fans and modern design.

How to choose the process

This will be a difficult task. To obtain the desired result, you should read the thematic literature and our advice. The number of modifications is huge, among them you will find the right. For classic and lacony fans, formal style will be fine. Such a pond has a precise form, a simple design, a minimum number of decoration cells and plants. Put him on the modern, hai-tex, minimism.

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