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Colours In The Field

многолетние цветыThe colors are the decoration of a long-distance site, but the right sample of years to give is difficult. Beautiful multi-year flowers require much less care and look adorable. You can pick flowers for butterfly gardens, long-term tens, white garden flowers.

To create the right flower, you need to know which colors are well matched, what soils prefer and whether they are difficult to leave.

The ideals of flower and mixborers, enjoying their flower all summer. The plants there are configured to change the flower from season to season. And even in winter, such a clumba would look attractive. If you're a bloom starter, it's best to choose years of unsympathetic, well-thinking and minimum attention.

What kind of years to choose for the day

Before you go buy years of flowers, determine where you're going to break the flower, whether it's a big mixbourder or a small clumbia, how long the plants can grow in this place, what height the flower must be, and how long you can devote to caring for your bed.

Let's talk about the benefits of multi-year flowers to single-year-olds.

Multi-year benefits:

  • They need to be resettled once a few years,
  • Living in the ground and holding freezes,
  • Require minimum care during the season,
  • Beauty both in the flower and the salt plant,
  • The price of multi-years is high and the opportunity for new plants to be planted during the season.

Where it's best to land for years.

Frequently acquiring multi-year flower crops to give, a gardener in the dust of gambling doesn't even know where and how the chosen plant should grow. Multi-year flowers don't make mistakes, they need to be placed at the right place and in a good environment. It's only in this case that you'll be happy for years with a great flower.

To make it easier for you to focus on this diversity, we present you with such a detailed multi-year selection scheme. We hope that it will be useful for you to plant and plant multi-year decorative crops.

Multi-years for shades

Sometimes there's no solar precinct to create a clumbing, and there's no flowers to love. There's a way to create a shadow flower. The plants that can tolerate the shadow are as beautiful as possible. Lunds, barbecues, astilbes, cans and other tenet plants will give your clumbe an inexorable charm.

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