15 веселых поделок для дачи

Photo Deals

пруд из чашкиDespite the size of the long-distance area, it always wants to be buried. It could be both expensive landscape design and ideas. Give me your hands.embedded by manual material. A beautiful and original site is capable of attracting the attention of others and guests, and the owners themselves are only pushing for more interesting details. The following are the basic ideas for hand-delivering photos.

старые стульяIdeas to give or another life of old furniture.

Furniture, which has not been used for a long time, may serve as faith and truth for not another year. By purifying it from the old paint and repainting, interesting ideas can be created to give:

  • chairs: by removing the seat, by placing large flower pots in their place;
  • Dinner table: By attaching a vertical table to the wall of the house, with the first lifting of the legs and the two horizontal shoe raiders, a shoe box can be obtained;
  • The seat back: in different variations, you can make a shelf or a hamster for petty, original photographic frame;
  • wooden bed: without hinged legs on solid ropes or chains, a hinged bed is produced;
  • The door is a great base for the stella, the shell, the shell, the mirrors, the hangers, and even the table, the headlines for the bed.

In general, old furniture is made of natural materials. In the skilled hands of a creative person, it will necessarily be the basis of new and useful objects of the interior.

Ideas for car tyres

The used road tyres are perhaps the most common material for the realization of the ideas for garden and dacha. Flexible and durable rubber is produced by edible animal figures, beautiful flowers, children ' s swings, sandals, sandals to work at the site and even furniture. They are very simple and easy to fit into the day-to-day interface.

The cutting of the hard part of the tyres shall be electrical, solid knife and Bulgarian, and aerosol or oily paints shall be used to steal. The hand-delivered materials are ropes, strong bolts and shoe, nails, wire and timber. You can use whole car covers. Excavated to the land, there are beautiful fences of plots, garden staircases, alpine mountains, multi-level streams, small water.

стул подвесная кровать клумба из покрышки клумбы из камней

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