ландшафт сада, фото

Landshaft Sada Photo

Дизайн сада фотоDiane of the garden photo

Before you start changing design, think about what you want to see. Do you like everything strict and effective, or do you prefer bright and unusual, but do you not know how to combine and translate into reality? We're looking at a variety of variations to understand what your garden should be.

Mid-term rural garden design

Disein of the garden photo. Rusty ball

A few hours on the wilderness are estimated to be the weight of gold, as soon as it can be rested from technological urban noise and dirt. Therefore, an increasing number of mega-cities who own domicile in the suburbs dream of a small and cozy park. And if you choose a derivative style, it'll give you the odds and the scar.

A little fantasy and a few days of hard work will be needed to create a painting of this kind. Our recommendations will help you make a unique picture at the station.

Rusty ball is an unusual garden in rural style

Дизайн сада фото. Рустикальный шармColours

Instead of tightened gasolines, put in sandy grass and flowers: stools, makovs, georgin, wild carrots. In the middle of these trees, you'll be able to get a skelong or a wooden chair. You can plant in cupcakes and old songs without heart.

Disein Park, flower

The rural slope can be underlined by old receptacles:

  • inflated clay mountains;
  • Aluminium plagues;
  • Old cadds and barrels;
  • I'm sorry.

Place them all over the plane of the mansion, from the cloam to the terrace and conversation. Fill up the ground and put out the sandy loops, the rums, Iriss.

Use the old ladder as a lean house. It's going to be particularly good to feel clammatis or grapes, whipping a snake on the back.

Рустикальный шарм – необычный сад в сельском стилеDecorations

Disein Park - Decora

It's a very effective ball that's coming from the eve.

It's just done:

  1. In the zinced bucket, cut the drain;
  2. Fill the capacity of the land;
  3. Put the evicts in it;
  4. Have a nice trip over the week.

Thanks to their ability, they'll be fast-tracking and running, soon, a green-ball roll is coming out of the pagoons.

Other interesting ideas can be used:

  • A long forgotten bicycle will revive thanks to the flower pots and ideally fit into the rural idillium. In the trunk, we can have a clumbum with flowers or strawberry bushes.
  • Search the old attic and the garage. All the dusted and covered pauts will be useful for the creation of exquisite accessories: paths, figures, flights, mini-clouds.

Such a palace will be your ass and a place to go back.

The garden of modern art with its hands

Diesine park in modern style

Дизайн парка в современном стиле Создаем ландшафтный дизайн сада своими руками фото Ландшафтный дизайн сада. Дальневосточный стиль Дальневосточный ландшафтный дизайн

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