план дачного участка

Landshaft Of The Dark Station

Благоустройство дачного участкаAfter the first sense of turbulence in connection with the acquisition of their long-distance plot, many landowners have to think about how to make it so that it would always be nice to come to him, wanted to invite friends to visit him, to spend time with pleasure or to work in the quiet greens, cozy, cool, beautiful. It's time to get started. rehabilitation of gardens

And there's two ways for the master of the precinct to do the same by making mistakes that almost all unprofessional amateur horticultures, losing time and money in alterations, or gaining the experience of specialists - landscape designers and greeners.

In the first case, you will have to put aside many of your cases, spend a lot of time in selecting the materials, study a ton of reference literature, including not always useful, but sometimes frankly stupid, as well as patience in finding a good team of workers.

If you prefer the second option, the company's experienced and qualified staff. Landscape 21 You will always take care of your services and all the concerns related to the upgrading of the precinct and further care of the garden.
As a rule, we are beginning to renovate the land when construction or repairs are nearing the end, and landscapes are being carried out to ensure that some green gasoline, fruit and decorative trees and handicrafts, alpine mountains and flowers are located on the site of the building debris.

It is desirable to begin upgrading the garden and greening at a time when the main construction works have already been completed on the site, or all efforts, both physical and material, may be spent in the empty and clouded area again, will be flooded, the building debris, the concrete, the flames, and the planted plants broken or destroyed. In the area ' s renovation work, the primary focus is on clearing the site, identifying and removing undesirable trees and handicrafts (small, sick, old, oppressed plants, portraying the general view of the site), removing the pistols, removing the stones.

Work is also under way on the preliminary levelling and establishment of the necessary terracing, artificial stacks for alpine mountains, etc., in accordance with a pre-prepared plan for the decontamination of the Territory, where necessary, the scattering of the plot with a sample of weeds and the emplacement of fertile soil. Engineering is then started at the site: the drainage system, the automatic discharge system, the establishment of roads, areas, veins, patio, the installation of conversations, etc. Only after that, according to the dendroplan (plan of planting planting) the landing material is planted and the planting activities are carried out by the tidal, fertilizer, leaching. The site ' s final design is then carried out - the level of the surface, the removal of the soil comas and the sealing by pumping.
It is now possible to proceed to the final stage of the site ' s improvement - the laying of a roller lawn. Upon completion of all improvements and greening, it is admirable that the site has been transformed, but in order to maintain this beauty, it is necessary not to forget the constant care of the garden.
до благоустройства перед благоустройством участка благоустройство участка Благоустройство участка
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