Планировка дачного участка

Disein Day Project

Планировка дачного участка 8 сотокSo, first, we'll deal with all the necessary garden structures and facilities to be present at the dorm:

1. Construction: housing and hozlocks. You can also add a bath and a garage under the car.

2. Recreation zones: conversation, children ' s landing, 1 garden shop in the middle of the day

3. Sadowland: small garden, berry bush, several fruit trees.

5. Elements of the decoration of the day ' s section: garden figures, clumbia, planting, pergola in the garden

In addition to the buildings and facilities in the garden, we draw your attention to the fact that the location is small, so design techniques are recommended for visual expansion of space:

The design for your attention shows how convenient and comfortable all garden facilities can be accommodated at 800 m2:

Design video Dash site project 8 t

Another design of the 8-strong long-distance project:

As you can see, even on a small, long-distance site, you can set up everything necessary to rest and decorate landscape design!

Examples of landscape design of 8-strong plots

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