Dizine Garden

газон белгород (576x480, 89Kb)


A beautiful and secular lawn is a home or agency card.

The Belgorod Landscape Design Studio offers a lawn created in your eyes, within a specified time frame and at moderate prices, as well as other greening and clouding services. Our phone 8(950) 719-54-53

Possing lawn under key by studio specialists landscape design "Fasend" is the possibility of creating an inexorable landscape design of your precinct and a perfect freshness of a green lawn around the house.

Unlike sports and rolling decisions, they are the result of completely natural processes and are therefore chosen by people who love their land, can look after and wait to be rewarded for patience by a stunning green carpet that equits the territory and bright eyes.

Specialities distinguishing seed

The main positive features of the coating are its value. The low price of seed gas is due to the practical lack of the use of modern, expensive technologies. It is derived from the cost of herbsmesis, soil preparation work (for savings can be combined with reclamation), landing and gas caring.

More ergonomic and adapted to the location. Travas and malices rise and grow in one form of soil, without displacement and changes of location. They therefore have a high level of adaptation and resilience to the adverse effects of drought, weather, recurrence.

Breast, if the area under the lawn has a homogeneous structure, the sun is equitably illuminated and winds blown. Most importantly, we are dealing with areas where shaded plots are located and solar and high altitudes, soil differences and many other typical characteristics. The saline can be easily constructed under the individual characteristics of the site, like the grass mimes, which meet the conditions of the place in which they grow. The seed can combine tenyal, sunny grass, and also in the active gambling area, resistant to mechanical damage.

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