Декоративное оформление сада

Handwriting Of The Garden

Садовые арки своими руками: фото и идеиThe gardens with their hands: photos and ideas

A lot of small architectural structures are used to decorate the garden. These are pergolases, strings, spals, bars. They are all destined for the growing of emerging plants, but they are external and perform different functions. Arka is a single design consisting of walls and arc or letter P.

Gardens: functions and basic requirements

Surprisingly, these fine structures, depending on their location, are capable of radically altering the landing area. They can create a romantic atmosphere, give the palace a mysterious note, aristocracism, or reverse the natural nature.

The garden arc is scorched by a pit.

Пергола с лавочкой - идеальное место для отдыхаArca can be both a separate element of garden design and an effective complement to planting. It can also perform many other functions:

  • Provide plant support;
  • Establish architectural style;
  • reinforce and maintain the load-bearing pillars (if above the cab or gate);
  • Separate the garden to areas, for example, separates the decoration fence from other areas;
  • may serve as a basis for children ' s swings or gamaca;
  • is used for lighting instead of lampposts (at the entrance to the park or garden) or as a recreational space, if a shop is installed near or directly on the arc supports.

garden arche requirements

The pearl with the shop is the perfect place to rest.

Since the archae is multifunctional, its requirements are high.Пергола с лавочкой и столиком First of all, it should be:

  • Achieved from a qualitative debt material that will ensure its sustainability to any weather conditions;
  • Aesthetic, both by and without plant. Decorational iron or pergola along the tracks are particularly effective during the winter period.
  • manufactured in accordance with the growth of all family members, taking into account the stock of flower and fertilizing plants.

Arca in the garden: material of their characteristics

Pearl with shop and table

The appearance, dimensions, and material bearing depends on how harmoniously and naturally the arc fits into the garden. Externally, this may be the most unusual decisions from a simple rectangular form to a fine acryption design.

Садовая арка увитая плющом Арка из пластика для сада и дачи Совмещение арок из двух материалов Арка из камня своими руками
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