Дизайн грядок в виде цветка

Vision Of Photo Circumference

It was time for the garden to be considered a purely functional area to be hidden at the far end of the site. If he's well planned and comfortable, the garden may be as beautiful as the flower.

In the photo:

The tradition of circumcating vegetable plantings by low-lying sympathetic brodures in Europe does not exist with the Middle Ages.

Choose the planner.

By designing a garden, you can choose both a traditional geometric scheme and create something like a flower brodure, with the inclusion of useful vegetables. Geometrics are simple, but very effective. A classic version is a combination in a circle or a square divided into sectors. It can be activated both in the plane and in the form of an uprising. The soil is warmed up faster and not stiff. In order to avoid losing shape, they are covered by wood, metal or brick walls.

This symmetrical composition is not only beautiful, but also practical verbsp through a semi-circuitary cut, it is possible to reach any part of the team without going on it.

What do you want?

Many vegetables are really beautiful, and the glorious look of leaf salads, beetles, bulbs, spectacular and delicately attached to the tomatoes. In my own way, attractive, powerful plants of booths and pumpkins, all that's the right thing to place on the precinct. Diesine of the garden It'll be particularly impressive if you pick up plants that are in color, shape and defective. For example, it is possible to create a beautiful vision, a worm of green and red-eyed salads or beetles. As a socialist, large, remarkable plants, such as decorative cabbage, are usually taken. It's fine, with the pink middle of the nomadic, and it's going to be brighter every day until the late fall.

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