Ремонт кирпичной печки на даче

Furniture Repairs

Storage and fire repair prices

The repair of brick furnaces is interesting for a fascinating master, but everyone understands, it's a very dirty, physically heavy and petty job. In the ashes, the liver repaired, truly unpleasantly happy!

The prices of brick furnace repairs are as difficult to predict, as is the case for the brick, without seeing the exact volume of work. But for guidance, 1 working day of the master will cost you some 5-6 thousand roubles.♪ During that time, he could, for example, replace the stove, the door, some bricks burn. Work time will inevitably increase if it comes to internal bricks that are uncomfortable.

What can you do with your hands?

Let's see the situation. You've come to the forehead or to the countryside after winter, decided to unravel the furnace, but it doesn't burn and smoke goes to the room. In such a case, smoke channels, for example, were likely to fall apart from the moisture of the ash or the deteriorated clay solution. Here are our tips to repair the brick furnace. with your hands.

If the furnace has clear doors to access the channels, its owner can clean the furnace without difficulty. There's a furnace where there's no clearing doors, they've never been put before, but the liver, respecting the assembly, and the liver owner, left the bricks at the canal level with a bit of advance. They're easy to recognize, they've been delivered, cleaned, and then they're back with glyna.

Obviously, it's more convenient to have special doors today, and if they're not, and the furnace is still good, it makes sense to put them in. Worse, if there's no clearance, and they're not marked. It's a bad tone, the channels have to be found first, then cleaned up, and then it's definitely better to put the doors.

The furnace has been flooded, but the tractor's not very good or the furnace is a little fuzzy, it can be purified by burning wood from a oxen or an ulch.

We'll also answer one of the most frequently asked questions - what do we do in the kiln between the bricks or between the metal door and the lining? It's easy. Take the baseball card and use thermostatic vain, stick their cheeks. If there's been a breakdown of the body or smoke channels, you don't have to use the masters. There's gonna be a major repair of the furnace.

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