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Декоративный огород на даче, фото сайта kvarfoto.Indeed, the utilitar view of the garden has taught us to his abnormal character, which is not often conceived. We have become accustomed to the homogeneous ranges of traditional, often very limited, vegetables grown exclusively for good harvests. And it would be surprising to see that the fence could be given an important role in decoration. processwhere, in beauty and originality, he will be a worthy rival to the popular elements of greening, such as flower, faeces, water, gas, etc.

Turns out the garden may also be multi-faceted, diverse and equally effective.Декоративный огород в Вилландри, фото сайта First of all, we need to remember that vegetables are not just food. From a botanical point of view, it is mostly grass with a certain size, shape, colour, architecture and other external characteristics. With that view, even the cultures cultivated by the end of the century can be imagined on the other, decorational side, and given them all unexpected new roles.

For example, weed mangold with red, yellow, orange hairs, broccoli minaret, miniaturized bright orange pumpkins - all of them are so attractive that they are more likely to be on the clumb.

The variety of leaf and coated salads affects the imagination of their yellow, or dark green, red brown and even blue fiolets; this culture on the gardens separates exemplary accents. And the colored rainbows of the pepper!

Of a few varieties of the same culture, a real “perman garden”. No one's gonna argue about cabbage: it's not just delicious, useful, but it's very effective. Who does not admire the “causal fireworks” drawn from different species, shapes and decorative varieties of green, white, blue, purple, purple, paint, and a wide variety, often fantastic form? It's not a shame to place him in the most paraded places.

Many unpleasant bucket plants, such as lambs, ruts, thymyan, napphes and others with their bright flowers, will steal any fags.

Декоративный огород, фрагмент с салатами, фото сайта And the coming beans, the cucumbers, the pumpkins eclipse a variety of vertical surfaces. There are many examples. The modern market for vegetables has a vast range of varieties, which are supplemented annually by new magnificent varieties of common and rare crops of domestic and foreign sedition. They carry not only high yields, but also bright, unexpected paints and shapes.

The pursuit of an unusual resurgence of interest in old forgotten vegetables (for some information, the number of leaf vegetables only reached 400 in the nineteenth century), many of which can now be found only in nature. Most of them will not give way to garden plants by virtue and charm, but unlike the latter, they will be more reluctant to resist pests and diseases.

Декоративный огород вдоль дорожки из капусты, фото сайта landscape-project.com Декоративный огород, фото сайта www.designer-sada.ru Декоративный огород с пряными растениями, фото сайта svoya-izba.ru Декоративный огород - изюминка сада, фото сайта xn--80abh4ars.xn--p1ai
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