Оформление сада постройками на


Оформление детских садовThe establishment of kindergartens plays an important role in the development of the child, and thanks to a well-trained educational environment, education is more effective and is made possible for the child ' s full knowledge, physical and social development.

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Formulation of groups and areas in kindergartens

All materials published in this section contain photographs of group room interns, locks(s), streets, sports and music rooms.

Thematic corners also belong to a developing environment organized in a kindergarten and represent a small place in a cluster organized on the theme. For example, there are suits in the diving corner for story-leader games and theatre. Creative coals contain all possible materials for creative development, etc. The practice shows that it is not necessary to buy expensive walls and ready furniture to process the dowry groups, and the coals can be developed. with your hands. from hand-held equipment.


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Master-grade, "Transporting the corner of the zoo, "Great pencil" in a kindergarten group." Group design. ♪ ♪

Municipal budgetary pre-school education institution, " The Children ' s Coupled School No. 28 " ...

Environment under GEF ARRAN. The developing environment in the group should be: * informative and inspired; *...

The subject of the paperwork has been defined by the Coralez, and there was an octopus on the precinct, a little... ♪

I'm in the E.R.U. Hello, dear colleagues and guests of my blog! I'd like to propose. ♪ ♪

From the earliest days of life, the child has faced the diversity of the world. Adults don't just meet the baby with...

The glowing of the Light Pole makes it possible to track the mood of the little band that comes to...

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