интерьер сельского дома

Rural House Internière

Уютный дачный интерьер на примере летнего домика в ДанииIn Denmark, as in all countries in northern Europe, the house is most valued. Some restraint in the design that people see in Scandinavian style is compensated by its ease, practicality and beauty.

Interns of this type were born in a harsh climate - more cold than, for example, in Central Russia.Интерьер гостиной в скандинавском стиле Despite this, the scandals still love white color, big windows and minimism. Apparently, local weather and landscapes are so nice they project their beauty and the inner face of the dwelling.

In this rural house, the large living room consists of three parts: two couches with bookstores, a separate corner for reading with a soft chair and a desk for office work. There's white furniture all over the room, and even walls, floors and ceilings have either dairy or slightly sulphate shades.

Note that this house is not shy of its rural origin - the open ceilings are not even white, the old furnace is only stacked by a new plug, and the synthetic lights are at all performing one of the main roles in the decor.

Large layers to the ceiling contain a large number of books - their different location (horizontal and vertical) reinforces the decoration effect of this exhibit.

Don't miss this picture and the dog on the couch (also white!) who clearly feels comfortable in an interface like the owners themselves.

The room area is only one written table and a chair. They are accompanied by a wheat basket for paper and an abstract painting that makes this corner creative and increases the blood creativity.

There are many interesting ideas in this house's ecterier that can easily be marked. For example, this four-person dining group, which is intended only for family accommodation, is decorated by only a couple of unnoticed but important receptions.

One of them is a floating basket, which is cohabited and clumbed, and also separates two roads to the house and patio. The tree that helps her in the last case is vibrant with decorative colors and creates a sense of almost tropical garden in the northern climate.

Экстерьер дома Забор, калитка Белая столовая шебби-шик Дом в скандинавском стиле, экстерьер

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