дача поделки своими руками



September is the first month of fall. The summer is over, and the heat and bright sun are replaced by rain and cold wind. It is also in the early months of the fall that the risk of various diseases, particularly cold ones, increases. The reason for this is your wardrobe, that's what you wear out of your clothes. I don't think everyone's wearing dozens of cats, warm jackets and a jacket. I want to feel a little bit more about the summer season.
But whatever you want, you need to take care of yourself and your health.
It'll be October in a week. The weather gets colder every day and days shorter.
We're offering you a few options for knitting hats and berets for the fall season.

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How to make a blanket, tyres with their hands with a knife. It's only 10 minutes and the rooftop is ready! Quick and easy!

Plumbing to the perforator, to drill the ceiling. Connected to the vacuum cleaner.

Hey, everybody, that's what I did to an ambulance from the rain to a new oven. I need a leaf of vengeance, blade, methal cloths, metal profile, cheek suspension.

- Today is such a wonderful day!
- What?
-Subbot! And the names of the group's maker!
Let's congratulate him and wish him the best!
Happy birthday!

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Friends! Since the "live" group in Chelabinsk, we'd like to make records every week with the history of the city. How it started. ♪ Chelabinsk in years of war and so on. ♪ Tour for those who live in other cities!
But we need to know your opinion about this idea. Please participate in the poll. We need everyone to like the band!

What do you think?


Look more in the album:



Look more in the album:

Part 2.

The group's wall is empty.

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