Эскизы ландшафтного дизайна

Risks Of Landscape Design

The International School of Disain offers training in the Landscape Design programme in accordance with the International Standard since 2004.

The Landscape Design programme can be studied in a form of learning that is convenient to you:

Programme teachers:

- Doctor of Architecture, a well-deserved employee of the Russian Federation High School.

Architect, member of the Russian Federation Designer Union, member of the Russian Federation Architects Union.

- Landscape architect, candidate for agricultural sciences.

- A garden-park engineer.

In the programme:

Study of the most modern aspects of landscape designer activities: creating an environment for people, a comfortable space that promotes both people ' s interaction with each other and harmonious interaction with nature; space with a European lifestyle.

European trends and technologies. Eco-balanced landscape environment; well-designed park, recreation, food, water contact; rainwater harvesting and subsequent use; diversity of green habitats that do not require annual care costs; comfort, identity; use of modern eco-materials in landscape construction.

Intensive development of basic and special courses of competence landscape designer: Composing, drawing and sketch laws, decorative denarology, landscape construction.

Ownership of graphics of the luncheon environment in AutoCad, Adobe Photoshop, 3ds Max.

Landscape design: course and diploma projects:

Course project. Mini-Sad Landscape
Course project. Landscape Territoria Mintel
Good project. Designing the collective space of the cottage settlement.

In conclusion of the programme, the protection of the final project, with the participation of an expert commission of experienced professionals.

Provide the course with exclusive school materials.

As a result of your training, you will learn to build landscape design projects with conceptual design, genplan with details, modelling space in the maquita and graphic programmes.

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