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Landscape Design Is

Ландшафтный дизайнерThe Landscape Designer is a specialist in the arts organization of gardens, parks, gardens.

- Landscape design specialist: gardens, parks, landing areas.

Professional characteristics

The task of landscape design is to create a harmonious space that combines beauty and convenience.
Any design involves remarkable tools, elements, paints, technical techniques. For a landscape designer like this. The means are plants, parts of the natural landscape, construction, garden accessories.

The design of the site begins with the development of an artistic concept and a preliminary plan.
This takes into account how plants will be dispersed, how they will be combined with each other. For example, kinship plants need to be planted close to each other because without " mutual support " , they will not look as good as air, and there will be some unfinishedness in the area. But too close landing does not give plants the right to develop.

Formal or regular garden style
They call it French. It is characterized by the predominance of green colour.
Pine (English) style. Plants with leaf and colours of different colours are collected for the landscape garden. Frequency in greening is continuous flower gardens.

Unlike the gardener, the designer doesn't care for plants. He's not always landing them. It's a gardener's job. Nevertheless, the designer must be well understood in the plants, present their appearance in the future (most often landed in the form of small cheeks or seeds), take account of their combination not only of estetic but also of flower time, food, lighting and tidal requirements.
This should be harmonized with existing buildings, infrastructure, environment.
Good design is characterized by a balanced combination of elements.
The poem in the location of the elements can give the area a neglected view and the absolute symmetry is unnatural.
There are different styles and directions of landscape design, and a good specialist knows about them, can use them.

The landscape designer is not limited to design and project design. He has to interact with customers who also have ideas about how a garden or park should look. And the success of the landscape designer depends largely on his ability to find common language with clients.

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