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Logan Repairs

I've been thinking about selling Renault Logan with an engine of 1.4, running 88,000 kilometres. The car was in the garage and didn't. And now, the maraffet is in place, the sales announcements are filed, the buyers are reaching. There were a few, but the latter were determined to come from another region. To show the neighbor threw Logan out, opened the hood, started the engine. "Purchased" examination of the body started from the feed, moving to the front of the car. The guys were in a hurry, their condition was set up, they told the neighbor they were taking the car. In these words, the engine gave a huge metal knock. ♪
Neighbor came to see me, asking me to see the engine. There's no consolation in the sight of a stitch, either a stitch or a bedbreaker! The buyers looked over, smiled and left. The neighbour was upset, the deal went off. Everyone was in a misconception - Logan has a strong reversal of a safe car, taxiists are getting hundreds and hundreds of thousands without any engine repair. There's only 88,000 running. The case is very mysterious. According to the law of subtleness, the neighbor got calls from buyers who wanted to see the car. The neighbour went off on a mission, and the car hit a lift in the Master K-POWER.

After the mermaid and epic and long repair of the Ford S-Maxa engine, it was even interesting to move with a simple Logan. When will it be possible to assess and look around such a popular budget? This car was released in 2006, without an air conditioner, with GUR. Budget Logan's in the budget set. ♪ ♪

Let's start looking at the car downstairs. Total savings are the main idol of this car. Every Eurocent is counted in design, and it's still too far away to save. The whole exhaust from the manifold to the end pipe is full. Markets with wrapped balls (saving at production and dopping of spare parts for the manufacturer). Design of selection clauses Transmissions by floor She killed the naval... ♪

I'm inviting the neighbor to see. It's a little bit deeper than that. Seeing this, the neighbor changes in his face and says, "it's abrasion with a sharp rock on my job, and even copper pits are visible, there's a torch in the bronze wolves around, someone pouring an abrasion into the engine while the car was in the firm's territory." And indeed, the oily throat is exactly above this very spot with the debris deposits.
After the removal of the HBC, the verdict is disgraceful, the whole thing was burned by abrasion, together with a bed in the HBC. Neighbor goes darker than tuchi.What kind of people are we?" But it doesn't matter now, the main thing for the master is to repair the engine for the least money.

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