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Landscape design is becoming more popular in our homelands. The scattered crowds are replaced by decorative gardens, similar gasolines and colours, houses are decayed by living gardens and vertical greening. Disein transforms the landing areas into the family ' s favorite recreational places, while satisfying the needs of everyone, the paths must be beautiful and comfortable, the palace is wide and cozy, and the garden care must be happy.

The interesting landscape ideas of gardens and landing sites, the answers to the questions - which plants to plant to create the alpine mountain, the rules of Fen Shui for gardens and gardens - all of which can be found on the pages of the magazine Lubby Shad and on the website.

The English, as a passionate admirer of the garden arts, have long tried to make aesthetic not only of parks but also of so-called utilitarian landings as gardens. Modes for so-called " kitchens " or " gardens " appeared in the sixteenth century and spawned in Victorian times.

The rich landowners, and especially the royal family, have sought all the vegetables needed for the kitchen to grow in their own land. The land allocated to cultivate vegetables and some heating crops was fenced with a brick wall. It protected the area from the cold winds. There was a special, softer, microclimate inside. But getting a rich harvest isn't everything. The garden was supposed to look attractive, because the garden of the English characterizes the master as little as his home or his own appearance.

It's a great idea to celebrate New Year's Day! It's an opportunity to wear vain, blind the snowman and play snowball. But before you go to the happy atmosphere of the holidays, you're gonna have to recharge your long-term possessions.

It's not a secret that the winter majority of gardens look rather dizzy: naked trees, germs. ♪

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