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Sad Garden With His Hands

Как вырастить огуречную рассадуTuesday, 24 January 2017

How to plant and grow cucumbers, all the gardeners have heard. However, there are always those who are creative. Causes are different: I want fresh vegetables, but no. Day sectionor climate is not too conducive to cultivation, etc. This is the new way of putting cucumbers into plastic bottles, which has been convenient and effective for many vegetables.

Benefits of method

Как подготовить тару под рассадуPlastic bottles have already been adapted to different needs. The cropping method is widespread. Such packagings are convenient, light and practically free.

The planting of cucumbers in plastic bottles allows vegetables to grow at the balcony in the apartment. Good experience in cultivating vegetables on the balcony is already known, but they used to use boxes or buckets. Such packagings do not seem very present and require many accommodations. And plastic is more compact, solar rays go great, plants feel very comfortable.

Пластиковые бутылки для огородаThe scattered in bottles can be ejected into open soil and in heat. They put plants there with a bottle.

If you have an open ground, there's a mini-plate that's going to encourage a faster increase in cucumbers, which will allow them to sleep even for a period of not too long. Or, in the event of an early planting, enjoy the stunning vegetable in June.

The bottle plastic rim will help:

  • Protect the plant from the bear, in the fight against which the beneficiaries often lose;
  • save water in the tidal. In this case, water comes directly to the roots without being scattered on the surface;
  • To save the sorrows, they will not interfere with the normal growth of cucumbers and the development of their roots, nor will the vegetables take advantage of minerals.

In the event of a thermal landing, you change the ground of landing every year, excluding disease-induced microorganisms, so plants will be healthy and strong, which is the basis for a great harvest.

Setting up a landing site

The landing recept can be developed on the basis of personal experience. His main condition is viciousness and vomit so that he has a good ability to pass the air. If you're a starter gardener, you can use the ready-to-ground that is sold in a store and designed to grow a plant or a vegetable.

The most common self-preparation recipe consists of the four components taken in equal parts:

  1. ordinary soil that can be found in the garden;
  2. Overrepresentation from any tree other than the oak and the iwa;
  3. peat;
  4. A drenched mixture. You can adjust the silo from the sunflower, the shell of eggs or the fogium.

Необычный способ вырастить овощи Посадка огурцов в бутылки

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