Проектирование участка

Garden Project

Проектирование участкаThe design of a long-distance site is a whole science that evolves with every year. Besides, it's also art: we're not just planning on science, but we're making a beautiful and cozy suburban nest, where it's pleasant to hide from the city's wind and to work with our hands.

The desire to override a newly acquired piece of land is understandable, but don't rush to hand over a shovel and move towards improvement. For starters, there is a need for serious preparatory work, considering all the planning details from A to I.

How do we start planning the day-to-day precinct?

Let's do this by the rules, and we'll start planning with a phased analysis of the territory. And it's only after that that you'll be able to start a plot and finally give the simplicity of your fantasy: here you'll build a home of day and there'll be a bath. A little far away, in the shadows of fruit trees, there will be a cozy conversation, and there will be beautiful flowers on the clumbs. But that's all, then, and now I'll tell you what factors need to be taken into account before we start designing.

Estimates of the suburban area

Relef. The location of suburban structures, the breakdown of gardens, gardens, the design of the alpine mountain, rubber, water bodies and other landscape attributes depends directly on the terrain. You're not going to build a house on a cool slice, for example? So you'll have to take his real features on the plot.

Живописный (ландшафтный) стильForm. The area may be the most different form: standard geometric, rounded, stretched, in letters P, G and so on. Take into account the form so that it does not subsequently prove that some part of the territory has remained untreated.

Chest. You'll have to investigate the soil type and check its acidity. These critical factors will depend on the kind of plants you will plant. It may be necessary to cultivate the land: transport black land, peat or natural soil, make fertilizers where planting is planned, perform other work.Смешанный стиль проектирования дачного участка Soil information is included in a special map, which is available in each area (sufficiently referred to the district administration). Soil analysis can be commissioned in a specialized laboratory or made on its own, experimental. It really requires certain knowledge and skills. For example, soil acidity is checked with special lacmus paper (produced at the store with application instructions).

groundwater level. Only by defining the level of groundwater recharge can it be concluded that a drain is needed at the site. This information is available in the architecture and grading departments of your city (area) and is available upon request. The groundwater level can be determined on its own. To this end, in the middle of the summer, when there is no rain, a few wells will be drilled in the area to 2 metres deep. Check the well water in a week. If water is less than 1-1, 5 m from soil level, the site needs a drainage system.

Геометрический стиль оформления загородного участка Пример плана-схемы дачного участка План-схема дачного участка, сделанная на компьютере. План-проект 1
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