Поделки для дачи своими руками

New Deals With Your Hands

The baskets are those brownies from childhood, all right, I'm sure they've been tried. Now imagine that the sand base will be gentle, scattered with the slight taste of the lemon and vanili, the beginning will be warm, juicy, with the berries of the worms, and the cream hat, like the blue cloud, will disappear into the mouth without leaving no sense of gravity.
Dessert is a delicious, gentle, sweet and simple one before I had no intention of cooking it, if it wasn't for the fine testo I had left with the lemon tar and the bitterness of the frozen worms.
You're not gonna believe this, but to make these bright brownies, it won't take a drop of food paint, and that's beautiful!

You will need:

Sand test:
flour - 150 g
Plum oil - 80 g
sugar cane - 60 g
egg yellows - 2 st
Cedra 1/2 lemon
vanilla, salt

blackberries (possible to use frozen) - 100 g
sugar - 100 g

sugar - 180 g
Egg squirrels - 3 st
water - 50 ml
cheek of salt
black sauce for colour

How to cook:

1. I want to smash the sugar cane, vanilla and lemon cadre. In a separate mice, wipe out the butter of room temperature with flour and salt until the baby is formed.
Put the yellows in the mix of flour and oil, mix the testo. Take him down a little and put him in the food film, take him to the fridge for an hour.

2. When the testo is ready for work, it should be scattered and cut off the required amount of harvests to be distributed by form. Each form must be punctured with a fork and filled with a cargo form so that the testo does not rise in the oven. I used the Greek.
Send cooking at 180 C by 20-30 minutes. After that time, get the clergy ready, remove the cargo and ship the cargo without the cargo another 5 minutes.

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