Decorative Gardening By Hand

Improvised clumbing is a bright accent.

The creation of a shell may involve not only the location of flowers, but also the construction of an effective charm. Pay attention to this simple flower composition.

It will only require an old garden car, as well as seeds or seeds of selected low-white colours. Install an item on the chosen site, fill the capacity of the land and plant the flowers, that's the whole instruction!

The stone-clothing basket is what seems difficult in performance, but it's simple. Instruction before you:

  1. Find valoons of different shades and sizes.
  2. Determine the place for the club. Put the boundaries of the round club.
  3. Prepare a concrete mixture. Laugh the cement with the building sand in 1:4 and add some water to make the mixture thick.
  4. Put out the first series of stones.
  5. Site the next rows of stones, sealing their concrete mixture until the base of the cloam is ready.
  6. Remove the excess cement.
  7. Measure the diameter of the reason.
  8. On the ground, put the duke out. The distance between its ends shall be equal to the diameter of the base of the shell. The stones need to be connected with concrete.
  9. When the arc is fixed, attach it to the top of the base with concrete and stones.

After all the concrete is cold, it is possible to put the land in the basket and plant seeds. There's a picture of ready clumbing in front of you.

It looks natural and efficient. She fits very harmoniously in every garden. It can be done in such a way as:

  1. Put a circle on the ground that will shape the contours of the clumba.
  2. Put some pimps on his frontiers. They need to be placed in the ground at a distance.
  3. Take a thin twig and whip it between the vertical straights. Knock it off and stick it to the back of the tree clumbing.
  4. Split the rest of the woods. As soon as you notice that the basket has become sufficiently high, cut the top of the vertical bases.
  5. Get in the inside of the cloam and plant the flowers.
  6. Take some pimps and make them an oak. Put their edges between the top of the basket.

Look for the most natural and simple option? Watch the colored song! All you need to do is find a piece of wood's gun, make a cylindrical hole inside it, put it on the precinct, put it in a drank hole and, of course, plant flowers in it.

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