приусадебный участок своими

Precise Design



The design area is a rectangular area with the parties 36, 4 metres 45, 5 metres and will be drawn from the west to the east. The total area is 16, 6 nets.

The entry area is located on the eastern side of the site and includes a convenient passage combined with the entrance. It is recommended that this area of the Territory be removed with braces, a uniform end-of-life coating that is harmonized on the colour with a common coloristic solution of the buildings (colour, cutting, etc.) - the figure below.

Against the background of the chosen configuration and the colouring solution of the entry area, it is recommended that mobile blooms decorated by the planting of single-year flourishing plants can no doubt decorate the inlet area by making it more precise and harmonious. In a south direction from the inlet, the functional track completed by the same braces leads to the dining room. A consulate that is viewed from the entrance area and the front porch includes trees and medium-sized artisans with a small height but a strong structure. They serve as a visual barrier to the site from the roadside. On both sides of the track, a round-up of prosperous single-year-olds and a semi-circuit wide with vertical healing heights 2-2, 20 m (left). These are these. landing Visually organize space by forming a high-decoration composite.

Next, on a road with a slightly intact trajectory (this visually enlarges the narrow section), we can see a small composite from a small handicraft and multi-year herbalistic plants on a lawn (south side of the house).

It is recommended that the entrance into the dining room be a rounded entry area (figure below). It can be located in the centre with a vazone-coloured valley or a suspension basket attached to the existing column. By circumference, the site may be degraded from one year of beautiful plants. There are two tracks from the round site. One, functional, connects the dining room with a billiard and a bath, has a convenient trajectory and a brust. The other is a walkway, leads to the western part of the garden in a conversation/recircuit, and has an additional dispensation for a more comfortable view from the different points of the decoration plant built in this corner.

Вертикальное озеленение (Виноград девичий)
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