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Маленький дачный домикA little house on nature is a very special lifestyle, not just a place where we grow fruit and vegetables for ourselves and our family. There's a different time, and the world looks different. Architecture and interior design, small house owners are not as good as the rest. Practical, but elegant and often creative.

In a small kitchen for the decorator, there are a few options, and they are often hidden in the words " under orders " . It's very difficult to find something beautiful, and a group of things that match you.Деревянная кухня So the best advice is to do everything. with your hands. or find a roommate in the game that'll do it for you.

What's most likely to stop us from renovating? Probably the realization that if we start it, we'll have to finish. And some types of work we really don't want to do! But it's expensive, but don't fall! It's just that everyone has a role to play in this world, and it's not embarrassing to transfer work to other people. On the contrary, you provide for their employment and they feel necessary. So don't be afraid to hire someone to help organize the kitchen or any other room.Спальня с кроватью-чердаком You do the most natural thing in the world-- you ask and you get.

The bedroom can look quite different. Some houses are the same room as the living room. In others, a separate room. Some have a bedroom on the veranda because they only sleep in the summer, and others are in the mansard. But the common among all these rooms is that space is almost always short. Maybe it's enough for the owners, and that's to have fun vacations for three grandchildren, you're gonna have to twist.

СпальняThat's what two-line beds and bed-worms are gonna do. The first option is known to all, and the second is a sleeping place upstairs and a closet down there. Instead of a closet, there may be a dressing room or a couch. Such a bed is already saving almost two square metres of space by itself, and if two, for example, are installed in the nursery?

Compact accommodation in the room depends not only on different functional receivers of the type of bed or additional sliding sheets. It is equally important to check the passages, the movement of people across the premises. Maybe where the standard layout leaves a lot of space, it's not necessary. For example, you might want to leave only one approach to the double bed, putting it in the corner.

Маленькая дача Крохотная дача со спальней в мансарде Кабинет на даче Дачный интерьер

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