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Summer House Design Ideas

In his time, a new design of the greenhouse was invented by Dr. Jacob Mitleider ' s amateur of various experiments and experiences with his warm harvest. The so-called Mitlider heater is often accustomed to “American”. It's light, it's simple in manufacture, it's comfortable with windows for periodic heating and in its own way original.
And the Miterider's heater's going with his hands without any problems-- its design is quite simple and mobile. The point is to know all her secrets.

Types of construction of the Mitlider heaters:
The traditional Mitlider heater is double-clothed and vertical walls. But today it has become increasingly the second option, based on arc heater, also covered by a film. And this option is much easier than the traditional first, and it's why you're building it. with your hands. It's much easier. There's a big plus-- the usual art heater is celebrating that the ventilation in it is extremely difficult, and even the air passing through the door can't drain the warm air mass that is always under the ceiling. That is why the installation of a two-tier roof, which only has a Mitlider heater, fully addresses this problem.

The framoga in Mitlider's greenhouse is large enough in the square, and the colder air coming out of it is completely warm and well spread throughout the greenhouse. It's been a while since the third type of Mitlyder heater with two framies. One is under the south roll, and the other is above it, but underneath the horse.

The main advantages of such design are:

- A two-track roof with a special form of ventilation device. It's very simple in the manufacture and irrevocable in operation. This ventilation hole passes from the pepper to the thortz along the greenhouse, which secures uniform and intensive air exchange throughout the enclosure.

- Thanks to good internal ventilation, Mitleider's heat doesn't need any extra heating equipment - no automatic fans are needed at all, because intensive uniform air exchange occurs naturally. And that's a lot of energy savings. Mitleider's framings are heading south, and because the cold air that could refrigerate the plants does not enter the structure.

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