Декор для дачи своими руками

Hand-Delivered Photos

Фигурки для садаThe landlords are happy people. Even on a small piece of land, you can work for glory and rest with a friendly company. And there's a creativity room. Repainting your area can be simple deals made with their hands. 'Cause they're the ones that create that inexorable comfort and a light romantic mood. Also, if you don't have a good orchard and an inventory, we're recommending that we look at these goods here, for example, we bought a benzopile with a discount of 40%!

You want your country house to be more than just a summer family residence, but you also remind me of an amazing story? Then my advice is to draw attention to the elements of the decor that can be prepared with your own hands. I offer you TOP 10 ideas for the garden with my hands that will help in the transformation of your precinct.

Машина в цветахBefore embarking on a responsible assignment like design with your handsI recommend a thorough examination of my economic resources. There will be a lot of small things and objects that, at first glance, may seem absolutely unnecessary to you. Remember, you can't throw anything away! Smokers use everything that falls under the arm: old dishes and furniture, string residues, wood, road tyres, plastic bottles.

Original bulbs in old waters

There are flowers on every day, no exception. Even there's just a vegetable breeding site, any owner will definitely put a number of astros or a couple of bits of pyon on it.

To add the originality to the flower composites, try to put them in the old unnecessarily dark. It could be labels, pots, big bowls. You can even use a car or a car.

Поросята из пластиковых бутылокLook, that's what a long-distance bed looks like if it's sewn with colors-mouths. It's just a beating of paint!

We're stealing the garden with flowers so we can celebrate the bright paints all summer. If the cloams have been broken for a long time and do not want to change their location, you can just update their appearance. For example, to build a sticker from wooden sticks or from a stunning slogan, something like a basket.

Originally, wooden cuts look like flowers grow from a miniature beam.

Clumba from natural stone

If you've done a long-distance stone path, there's probably a lot of extra material left behind. Why don't you put the decorative stones on the clumbing? You can just put them in a few layers on the perimeter, forming the right height.

Пионы Клумба кровать Цветник из деревянных палочек Клумба из деревянных срубов
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