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All about the salted test.

Recipe for free creativity:

-200 g. = (one glass ) = flour
-200 g. = (0.5 Stakana) = salt
-125 ml of water

* Pay attention to the salt of the heavy flour, so by weight they're the same, and the salt is about twice as low by volume. It's gonna make it easier for a mixer to use, and it's gonna make it more qualitative.

For thin relay figures, add:

- 15 - 20 g (stop spoon) glue, or
- Krahmala (cafeteria)
- rim glue (preliminarily smash it with a small bulb of water)

Large-scale testo:

- 200 g. flour
- 400 g. salt
-125 ml

Thin machine:

- 300 grams of flour
- 200 g. salt.
-4 St. glycerin (possible to purchase in pharmacy)


- You can paint salty reds, squash, guash. It's a great chocolate color when you add cocoa.

- We have to take into account that after drying, the color will be less saturated, but if you cover the cloth, it'll be brighter again.


♪ Pancakes-- you can't-- you can't-- you can't-- you can't-- you can't-- you can't-- you can't-- you can't--
* Yodated salt - cannot be dissolved, in consequence the testo is not homogeneous - into a rupture
* The water is the best coldest, add 50 ml, after each addition, to mix (relative to the fact that different amounts of water may be needed for different flour).
* The salt is interfering with the flour first, and then the mass is filled with water.
The salt testo is stored in a polyethylene bag or a tightly closed container. Soldied polyethylene bag testo is better delivered to small pieces, because the test pieces are covered fast enough by a crust and, when scattered or blind, these dry crusts blow up.


To begin with:

- Rock,
- skin or glass,
- haircut (inapplicable subject, e.g. baskets)
- Another irreplaceable subject is a common balloon pen and especially a brush!

It's a great end of the bar to make points and holes different from the angles, the holes in the cheese, the eyes and a lot of other. ♪ ♪

Fixed liver knives or already ready plastic kits will be needed to process and play with children.

Now we're looking for everything we can do, like,
Buttons, buttons, sacks, mugs, beads, bells, baby toys, candles for cakes, pens, forks, handbags and sticks - there are arcs, children's carpets - interesting prints, shoeshots give an interesting part from the mixer or cream.

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