Оформление дачного дома Дизайн

Dream House By Hand

In the photo:

It's a long house plan.

Question of reader

We'd like to extend the season to warm and put our hands on a home so we can stay outside the city until late autumn, maybe meet in New Year's house. The house is built, the situation hasn't been bought yet. I'd like to know if there's a need for some additional warming in our case (previously we start setting up the interior itself). And the main question is how to set up furniture, given that it will be a home for a family with two children for 10 and 13 years (boys). Of course I want full bedrooms for children and parents.
With respect, Larissa.

Designer's response

The reader didn't sign the premises, so Natalia Maslov's designer took the liberty of doing it for his discretion. It has planned the placement of functional premises and made recommendations for the processing of the day-to-day interface.

A fundamental condition for this project is, in the view of the designer, a change in the design and size of the staircase provided by the house builders. The stairs are very unsuccessful and uncomfortable. Natalia Maslov has therefore developed its staircase, based on the 80 cm width of the staircase (generally accepted for accommodation), with a 25 cm wide and 18 cm high of the sub-base. She proposed a partial replacement of the straight steps to the runways and the beginning of the lift to the wall adjacent to the kitchen. Such accommodation will save the space of the halls, the upper steps in this case will not go to the middle of the second floor, which will allow for a small stairwell and two, albeit small but isolated bedrooms, as requested by the customers.

First floor

On the first floor, the designer placed functional spaces: living room, kitchen and bathroom.

First floor plan proposed by the designer.
(Please press the image to increase)
Symbols: 1. Colour with mirrors; 2. Bear for clothing; 3. kitchen garrith; 4. Coal; 5. Round table; 6. Steel; 7. Coal couch; 8. Journal table; 9. Chair; 10. Bookcase; 11. TW closet; 12. Hoz and the underwear.

The recreational area in the living room is represented by a soft corner (hard couch and chair) and TB-zone (television plasma and shell). A bookcase or dishwasher can be placed in a free corner, in a good interior, it can be a wardrobe, as there is very little storage space, and it can also be useful in the event of guests.

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